The Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) issues licenses to contractors who have demonstrated satisfactory knowledge, experience, insurance, and financial stability. All MHIC-licensed contractors support the MHIC’s Guaranty Fund, which will pay to complete (or re-do) a project if you engage a licensed contractor and your contract is not fulfilled. The Guaranty Fund does not protect the customers of contractors who are not licensed. Go to www.dllr.state.md.us/license/mhic/ and click “License Search.”
Robert M. ("Bobby") Dewese is manager. Ray Armstrong, who founded Armstrong Tree and Gutter in 1975, is now a consultant to Bobby. Said Ray, "I am proud to announce that Bobby Dewese is taking the reins at Armstrong Gutter. Most Armstrong Gutter customers already know Bobby, who has worked with us for decades. He is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted to customer satisfaction. Bobby will carry on the commitment to personalized service, quality, and integrity that you expect from Armstrong." Together Bobby and Ray are ensuring 100% continuity for Armstrong customers.
Beware. Many homeowners wish for a gutter cover product that would end gutter maintenance. Products currently in the marketplace have one or more of the following problems: (1) overshoot - so much of the gutter is covered that water zooms over the cover and lands on the ground below, causing erosion and increasing foundation moisture problems; (2) roof rot - the design of the cover traps destructive moisture on the sheathing underneath the shingles and/or on the fascia behind the gutters, causing the wood to rot; (3) can't be cleaned - any gutter cover that admits rainwater adequately also admits debris that rots and forms compost; if one can't access the compost to clear it out, then it builds up and clogs the system. If and when a gutter cover is designed that does not pose these problems, we will offer it to our customers.
Yes. Rigid gutter screen panels can significantly reduce, but will not eliminate, maintenance. For the conscientious homeowner, there is no substitute for semi-annual inspection of roof, eaves, gutters and downspouts. We offer several styles of gutter screening products. Which one is best for your home depends upon the varieties of tree debris that accumulate in your gutters.
Yes. We have a free fact sheet on causes and solutions. Just ask.
We do not share. We maintain a secure database comprising the information we need to serve our clients well. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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